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Vietnam and its food culture


A key element of Vietnamese culture is the focus on beautiful fresh food as you will see in my images below.

I love the floor tiles in this restaurant – the mixed patterns work incredibly well.


The vibrant colour of the fresh food at the markets.


In Vietnamese culture, only women sell food and products.  Here the women are selling various herbs and vegetables.


Fresh caught crabs by the Bon River, Hoi An.


Fresh fish delivered straight to the Hoi An market which is held right on the waterfront.  The women were preparing the fish cakes for sale right on the spot.


This is a noodle shop at the market where the noodles are made by hand.  I love this lady’s beautiful face.


I attended a Vietnamese cooking class at Trinh Diem Vy’s restaurant in Hoi An.  It was a great class and the food I made tasted incredible!  I couldn’t believe I made it myself – with a lot of help from the instructor of course!

This dish is spicy chicken skewers with green mango salad – amazing!

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