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DIY Festive Decor


Decorate your entrance hall with this easy DIY arrangement.


To make this simple decorative tree arrangement follow these basic steps:

What you will need:

  • dried out branches
  • newspaper
  • can of spray paint in colour of your choice.
  • a range of Christmas decorations (if you are feeling particularly creative feel free to make your own decorations).  I used a range of metallic balls and stars
  •  a large vase or pot


  1. Lay out some newspaper on the ground (preferably outside) and lay the branches on the newspaper.
  2. Carefully spay the branches with the can of spray paint on one side and then turn them over and spay the other side, ensuring that you spray all angles. Here I have used silver spray paint, but it would also look very festive in gold or white etc.
  3. Wait for the paint to dry.
  4. Place the branches in the large vase and arrange them so that the branches are spread out fairly evenly.
  5. Hang decorations of your choice on the branches.  It is useful to have colour scheme with at least two different colours to provide some contrast.  Some attractive colour schemes are:
    • a variety of metallics (as I have shown here), gold, silver and rose gold.  I have also added charcoal balls to add some depth of colour.
    • blue, silver and white
    • traditional red, green and white
    • red and white
    • red, silver and white

You may also wish to decorate your hall stand with further festive decor items which are in keeping with the colour scheme as I have done here with the following:

  • brass tray
  • pink box of La Belle Miette macarons to compliment the rose gold ornaments
  • my daughter’s glitter Christmas tree which she made at kindergarten (nothing says ‘homely’ like children’s artwork!)
  • donkey bowl from Provincial Home Living filled with mixed nuts
  • brass plant holder filled with candy canes
  • wooden rocking horse decoration

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