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Highlights of Denfair 2017


Melbourne’s Decor & Design exhibition held in July 2017 provided some great insights for current and future trends.  In a nutshell:

The trends which are set to continue:

  • the Scandi look
  • the industrial look
  • natural look with wooden finishes and neutral coloured soft furnishings
  • pale pink soft furnishings
  • linen
  • terazzo
  • marble
  • metallics such as brass fittings
  • round coffee tables

Emerging trends:

  • recycled timber
  • teal soft furnishings
  • velvet soft furnishings

It was refreshing to see Bodhi’s exhibit of furniture made from reclaimed and recycled timber.  The metal fixtures give the furniture a modern industrial look whilst at the same time embracing the naturalness of the wood.


The industrial style shelving from Bodhi makes a great wall feature which is of course also highly functional.


I like the use of the linen bedding with the recycled timber bed by Bodhi.  The industrial rustic look is an unusual combination – but it works!


Natural furnishings are popular as exemplified by the Uniqwa exhibit with raw wooden furniture and neutral textiles.


Round coffee tables continue to be on trend.  This coffee table has a beautiful marble finish and is available from Tantra.


This round coffee table has a gorgeous terazzo finish.  In this exhibit I  particularly like the contrast of the chartreuse velvet sofa against the teal feature wall.

IMG_4183 (1)

I’m excited to see more teal this year – one of my favourite colours.  At the Cafe Lighting & Living exhibit the use of teal on the sofa colour is quite bold, but the black wall gives depth to the look.  The peacock artwork also provides a touch of elegance.


Teal accent colours are becoming more popular.  The teal, lime and burgundy combination works really well in this display by Gallery Home.


Pale pink continues to be very popular.  I love this settee from Luxe Living.  The ice pink velvet also works beautifully with the teal green cushion.


Dusky pink and ice pink are still on trend and work really well with grey as shown here in the Gallery Home exhibit.


Drink carts are proving to be very popular.  This one is one of the more unusual styles, being round, rather than rectangular in shape.  It would add a touch of bling to any lounge room.  It is available from Bisque Interiors.


I love this cute and quirky walrus book end from White Moose.  They have a range of different book ends and various decor items, even extending to dinosaurs.

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